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Death Fall

After this big release, we here at Intense Gaming Logic want to thank our great players by giving you Death Fall for free. It is now available in both the Google Play Store for Android, the Apple App Store, and on the Windows Store for free for the full version! Go download it now, or play it on this very site! Have fun, and thank you to everyone for your wonderful support! 
Check out our first game, Death Fall! Currently available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Trial version will be available shortly. With the trial, you can only reach a certain point in the level. With the full version, you can beat the entire level and have the chance to unlock cool skins to use for your square!
Download the app from the Windows App Store! Try our trial version for free and if you love it (which I know you will) download the full version! Be the first to unlock all of the skins!

To play Death Fall, click the button below. Have fun!!!